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Curator: Nina Krieger
Producer: Frieda Miller
Exhibit Text: Paula Draper
Lesson Plans: Nina Krieger
Researchers: Katie Powell, Katie Renaud, Laura Mehes, Steven Lapidus
Translator & French editor: Myriam Fontaine
French Translator: Susan Spier
Videographer & Video Editor: Toni-Lynn Frederick
Video Interviewers: Vera Rosenbluth, Toni-Lynn Frederick
Colour Timing: Corbin Saleken
Sound Mixing: Jamie Mahaffey, "The Mix Room"
Photographer: Jessica Bushey

Special thanks to:
The former internees and their families, who generously shared their experiences and artefacts in the creation of the exhibit.
Peter Seixas, Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness, University of British Columbia


The exhibit was generously funded by the Community Historical Recognition Program of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this online presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

With the generous support of:
Oasis Foundation
The Ben and Esther Dayson Charitable Foundation
The Kahn Family Foundation
Isaac and Sophie Waldman Endowment Fund of the Vancouver Foundation
Frank Koller


By 7th Floor Media, Continuing Studies, Simon Fraser University
Producer: Noni Maté
Project Manager: Mary Watt
Art Direction: Dennis Smith
Web Development: Jérôme Jaglale